The End of an Era

On Sunday 21st March 2010 the congregation marked Andy Sloan’s retiral after 20 years as Church Officer with a presentation and a buffet lunch. The presentation was made by Gordon Speirs after he had delivered his Ode.


An Ode to Andy Sloan
Andy Sloan is a man we’ve been privileged to ken
who will help anybody whenever he can.
There’s a verse in the bible, which talks about ships
to which Ben Line and Andy were linked quite a bit.
Rowans built engines for ships on the Clyde
and Andy designed them I’m sure with some pride.
He was never a sailor – can’t figure out why,
for this fellow, we know, has a wandering eye.
He did lots for us, which I’m sure we will miss
and all he would want was a jolly big kiss
with most of the ladies – but never the men,
if he missed you the first time, he’d do it again.
He’s been our Church Officer, as we all knew
he started with Henry in the days of the pew.
He served under Martin and then Jared Hay
and be sure we’ll all miss him when he is away.
He goes to car boot sales and fair loves to roam
and all that he buys is kept at his home.
He’s an avid collector of things old and new,
his suits are amazing – and he has a few.
He loves to go walking down by the sea
and now he’s retired and set himself free
he’ll improve on his golf and be seen on the tee,
with no handicap of a big bunch of keys.
He’ll visit some churches to see what they’re like,
but be sure he’ll be back when he finds it a hike.
He’ll also go fishing for Trout, Carp and Pike
and maybe Threipmuir will see him at night.
His passion for eating is very well known
he will leave with a doggy bag after we’ve gone.
He visits a lot of the people he knows
and makes many new friends wherever he goes.
But Andy – we’ll miss you for duties in church
and we’ll keep you a seat with a space for a crutch
which we don’t think you’ll need, as you keep very fit
with your walking about, which you do quite a bit.
These gifts we’re presenting with thanks from us all
and we very much hope – that you now have a ball.

Gordon Speirs