Acorn aims to provide a range of offerings to ensure that seekers from all walks of life feel safe and at ease taking part in church life. While the focus of activity is on those under 40, the Project has a key goal of ensuring the development of an engaged, active, connected and vibrant Christian community leading to the spiritual growth and nourishment of all those involved, young and old.

Discussion took place in October. The main outcome of these discussions is to suggest that the Acorn Initiative is not defined by the work of one person – Jo Dalrymple. The original proposal was about gaining funding for new outreach work – but the purpose of that outreach work is the same as the purpose of the old outreach work but is simply trying to target a different age group. We are all involved in the process of furthering Christ’s kingdom whether it is in music, catering, Christmas trees, bridge, eating and talking or organizing youth work. There seems to be merit in having the same badges and the new work continues.

There is time to think about this before there will be an opportunity for discussion at the November meeting of the KS.acorn newsletter 4