Dear friends in Balerno,

Having settled now in St Andrews, I write to thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts presented to me on my last Sunday in Balerno. These are very much treasured; the fancy blue-gold waistcoat has been much admired as it is sported at a round of Burns Suppers and the everyday Harris Tweed waistcoat is fit for a storyteller as is the shepherd’s crook, which I take on walks along the beach and the Lade Burn. Your generous cheque has allowed me to improve the furnishings in our flat in St Andrews with a bright red modern armchair, a very special feature.
If I needed anything tangible to help me remember Balerno folk these all speak well, though you will know that without any such things you are very much in my heart, mind and prayers even after only nine months as Interim Minister.

Blessings to each and to all.