Ray and Jane DodmanJane and Roy Dodman initially served as Missionary Partners with the Church of Scotland.  Since that beginning over 20 years ago they have worked tirelessly, in a number of different and evolving capacities, for and with the people of Kingston Jamaica.

From 2006 to early 2011 Roy and Jane were supported in their outreach through prayer and financial giving by a number of churches and people via the Jamaica Education Support (JES).

Jane continues her work as one of three Vice Presidents of The International University of the Caribbean (IUC). Roy has now retired as Dean of Ministry Formation at The International University of the Caribbean (IUC) but is of course is still acitve.  He continues to lecture at the IUC, provide `pulpit supply` in the Kingston area and lead bible study courses.  He also uses his `counselling experience` as required for the IUC.

Both are active in Jamaica’s struggle to deal with the poverty, violence and social unrest which prevails there. World debt is crippling and nowhere more so that Jamaica.