The Acorn Initiative

The Acorn Initiative reaches out to people to help them explore and share their Spiritual journey. The vision for the project is that it will help to provide a range of different access points to “church life” for people in Balerno. While the emphasis is on children, young adults and young parents, seekers of all ages are also included.

Jo 2edited-3With matched funding from the Church of Scotland’s Go-for-It fund, Jo Dalrymple was recruited as our Community Outreach Development Worker in November 2014 and she has worked with our various ministers since then in trying to expand the programme of activities taking place on the church campus.

The initiative is seen in the Church as a long-term one that will extend beyond the period of this grant support. During the summer, our outreach worker organised a family week ‘Mid-summer Madness’, which successfully involved a number of families, including some who were entirely new to the Church.

The Acorn Initiative also organises Messy Church, which has become a regular event, with repeat attendance from young families.  The ‘Acorn Initiative’ continues to develop and try new ways of welcoming people into our church family.

You can find out more of what is happening with the Acorn Initiative through the Acorn Initiative news posts and the links to their recent newsletters.

If you would like to know more about the Acorn Initiative or any of its activities please get in touch with Jo Dalrymple at: or on: 07757 104589