Acorn aims to meet the deep-seated desire for people of all ages and socio-economic standings to explore, learn and express their spiritual journey. While Balerno Parish church is well supported and attended, there is less active participation from those under 40. With increasing demands on everyone’s time, families undertaking different Sunday activities and growing media and technological sophistication for all ages, the church needs to meet people where they are and offer them a range of opportunities to connect with the Christian message, worship and discussion at accessible times and in accessible ways.

We want to give people the opportunities to see that “Church” is there for them as they are and where they are. Acorn aims to provide a range of offerings to ensure that seekers from all walks of life feel safe and at ease taking part in church life. While the focus of activity is on those under 40, the Project has a key goal of ensuring the development of an engaged, active, connected and vibrant Christian community leading to the spiritual growth and nourishment of all those involved, young and old.

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