Becoming a Church member

How do you become a church member?

When people want to make a commitment to God and to the church they take steps to become church members. This usually involves meeting with the minister a few times to talk about their faith journey and what church membership means.

Then, if they feel ready to make a public confession of their faith, they are asked to respond to the questions below during a service of worship. From then on they are members of the Church of Scotland.


  • Do you believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and do you confess Jesus Christ to be your Saviour and Lord?
  • Do you promise to join regularly with your fellow Christians for worship on the Lord’s Day?
  • Do you promise to be faithful in reading the Bible and in prayer?
  • Do you promise to give a fitting proportion of your time, talents and money for the Church’s work in the world?
  • Do you promise, relying on the grace of God to confess Christ before other people, to serve him in your daily life, and to walk in his ways all the days of your life?

If you are thinking about joining us please come along to a Sunday service or contact our Locum Minister Keith Ross Email: