What we believe

What are Christianity’s core beliefs?

We have a “Trinitarian” view of God, that is we understand God as being our Creator, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, one God who can be experienced in three forms.

We believe that God created the universe and everything in it. Based on our understanding of the Bible and our experience in life we believe that throughout time God has been active in the world through the Holy Spirit, to influence, inspire and speak to humanity.

Central to our faith is our understanding that out of love for us God became human in Jesus Christ. During his life and ministry he taught others how to follow God more closely. He called them to follow his example and seek forgiveness, peace, justice, and love.

His death on the cross lead to the failings and sin of the world being forgiven. When Jesus overcame death and rose again He confirmed his identity as God’s son and opened up the way to eternal life for everyone who believes in him.

Below is a creed we often say in church which sums up our beliefs.

  • We believe in the God of Life who creates and loves people, who acts in history, and who promises never to leave us alone.
  • We believe in Jesus of Nazareth, who is Lord and Redeemer, who died and rose again, and who wants not be idolised but to be followed.
  • We believe that we live in the presence of the Holy Spirit; without it we are nothing; filled with the Holy Spirit we are able to become creative, lively, and free.
  • We believe in the Church of Jesus Christ, a community where we find companions for the struggle of life; where we grow in understanding of the faith through worship, prayer, fellowship, and action.
  • We believe that God has a purpose for us in this time and place. We believe in living, hoping, laughing and enjoying the good earth.
  • We believe that people can change, attitudes can change, and that God keeps leading us towards life, and to a new world of justice and joy.

Christian communities believe God is still active in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. That power enables us to learn from the books of the Bible which give us the stories and guidelines that teach us about who God is and how He wants us to live. This shapes our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to other people, for we see all people as valuable to God and loved by him. Likewise our faith influences our decisions in life and effects how we spend our time, share our skills and use our money.